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About us

Our motto is to 'Inspire young minds and nurture wild hearts'. We aim to promote nature connection, wellbeing and child development through outdoor play and learning opportunities. We want to encourage young people to get outdoors and appreciate the joy and wonder of the natural world. Our sessions offer free-play opportunities and incorporate a range of natural crafts, skills and exploration activities; such activities include scavenger hunts, den-building,  fire and tool use and campfire cooking!

Meet the Team

Hello from the Wildlings team! We're two Wirral mums, Sas and Kim, with four wild children and a warrior baby between us. We've learned from experience that children are at their best outdoors. Lockdown has certainly reminded us that they can get frustrated and emotional cooped up indoors, but take children outside - to the forest, the beach or even just the garden, and their eyes fill with wonder and their hearts with joy. They become curious and courageous explorers in the blink of an eye… and so we're on a mission to help people get outside and connect with nature. To inspire young minds and nurture wild hearts, and to build a community where families can bond and children can explore and run free.


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